How Do They Do It? MomTini Lounge’s Amy Smith

How Do They Do It? MomTini Lounge’s Amy Smith

Amy Kossoff Smith, is a nationally recognized Mompreneur and founder of The MomTini Lounge, which is full of tips and tools for the business of motherhood. Available 24/7, just like Moms, the site has helped women around the world to manage the job of motherhood. Smith is a national wire columnist and has been featured on The Today Show, The New York Times, and much more. As a busy mom to three boys and as an expert in “the business of motherhood” we couldn’t wait to hear how Amy handles activity scheduling and how Activity Rocket helps!

1. What activities do your kids do throughout the year?

We have 3 boys, so sports, sports, and more sports! We portable field chairs and a case of waters in my car, and travel to local games and practices…constantly!

2. How do you usually choose your activity provider?

Word of mouth is huge, but our kids are drawn to activities with their school friends. Easy is really important to a multi-tasking working mom like myself, so if there are convenient field locations or wonderful carpools available with friends, it’s a huge plus!

3. How many kids do you have? And how do you keep track of everyone’s activities?

We have 3 boys under the age of 15. I use iCal with color-coded calendars by family member. We try to sit down regularly to go over our family calendar so the kids know what is “on deck,” but in the busy fall and spring seasons especially, that’s more a “wish we did” than an ongoing task. I’m extremely organized and do a lot of spreadsheets to track information so that I can easily rearrange, share pertinent information with different people, and visualize what we have going on. That’s a big reason I started The MomTini Lounge, because like Activity Rocket, I find that organization is key — I’m passionate about “the business of motherhood” — the mechanics of helping a household and family run as smoothly as possible.

4. Which activity has given your child (or all of them) the biggest boost in confidence?

Tough question…our kids love baseball, so that give you an opportunity to “have a turn” at bat to shine or a turn on the pitcher’s mound to thrive or walk off the field with their heads down. We try to teach the kids that no game is made on one play alone, and that there’s no “I” in TEAM, and that you take the ups & downs. But since they all 3 love to pitch in baseball, it certainly makes their day to throw strikes whenever they can/do – the smiles are priceless! In basketball, there’s a great smile/fist bump when they make baskets — it’s adorable to watch!

5. Which tool do you like best on Activity Rocket or how does Activity Rocket help you?

I love Activity Rocket — when we first “met,” I told the founders that I love meeting fellow Mompreneurs who help fellow moms organize their lives. Activities are such a central part of our kids’ lives nowadays, that I’m thrilled to see a site focused on managing activities. I see it as a site that can “grow with your kid” — finding activities with friends may be more important as the kids are younger; and over time, other features will step as helpful.

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