What 6 Year Olds Can Teach Us About Organizing

What 6 Year Olds Can Teach Us About Organizing

Apparently you can learn a lot about organizing from six year olds! Even as the daughters of a professional organizer – I am still impressed with what came out of their mouths. They started talking about these things all on their own and I just knew I had to catch it on camera.

It is so funny what kids pick up, from donating their clothes that are too small to not making huge piles and putting things where they belong-maybe my organization systems and theories are rubbing off on them.

My daughters are always teaching me things and reminding me of things – like not to sell headbands that have lice (you can hear all about it in the video!). So what things do your kids teach you? We’d love to hear the things your kids have told you about organizing, cleaning or anything else in the comments below.

Rachel Strisik Rosenthal of Rachel and Company is an organizing extraordinaire – Rachel uses creativity, style and a little elbow grease to help clients get their homes, offices, schedules and lives in order. As a professional organizer, Rachel empowers her clients to live more organized, productive lives. Rachel and Company is a full-service professional organizing company specializing in client organization, closet design and organized moves and has helped over 800 clients since starting in 2008. Rachel works nationally with clients, is based in Bethesda, MD and has been featured in publications such as Better Homes and Gardens, Huffington Post, Washingtonian, The Washington Post, NBC4 and Fox5. Rachel can be reached through her website: www.rachel-company.com. 

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