Activity Rocket Launched Locally Now Soaring Nationally with Thrively Acquisition

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Thrively's Personalized Learning Platform Adds Booster Engine to Activity Rocket

Activity Rocket was created for moms by moms! Two friends with 5 young kids between them were discussing the frustrations surrounding finding and scheduling their kids’ activities. Lisa, was looking for a class for her then three-year-old on a specific day and time. Several hours later and after much frustration, Lisa found a gymnastics class. At the same time that morning, Ilene was making travel plans with the help of online travel planner Expedia and was done in five minutes. The light bulb went on and Activity Rocket was born. Parents could find and book classes, camps, sports and other enrichment activities in minutes.

Over the last few years, Activity Rocket grew from a few dozen providers and parents to more than 600 local activity businesses with over 100,000 unique activities, 10,000+ parents using Activity Rocket regularly, and over half a million dollars in programs booked. But we knew something was missing.  We had learned that – in addition to convenience – parents wanted the best activities, camps, lessons and fun for their family.

We started talking to a veteran technology entrepreneur from California who was building a personalized learning platform. One year later, the company, Thrively, acquired Activity Rocket. Thrively’s mission is to enable every person involved in a kid’s life—teachers, parents, activity providers, and others—to help them discover their passions. The Thrively journey begins with a fun, interactive online Strength Assessment to define a child’s core strengths, interests, and aspirations. The results inform Thrively’s recommendation engine which curates content, resources, experiences, and activities personalized to each child. Thrively is growing fast with more than 600,000 parents and children enrolled on its platform and serves 100+ school districts that ultimately reach more than 4 million students! 

Lisa & Ilene have joined a team of seasoned entrepreneurs with a mission to help every child discover their genius. We know our children have a lot of us telling them who they are or even worse who they should be. With Thrively, children can discover this for themselves. With Thrively and Activity Rocket, parents and kids can use this critical information to personalize learning, resources, and activities that match their strengths and interests.  Now we all can help every child Thrive! 

Thrively + Activity Rocket = Personalized Learning, Enrichment & Fun

By combining Activity Rocket’s search and booking tool with Thrively's Strength Assessment driven recommendations, parents will no longer have to guess what their kids will like or want to do, nor sift through thousands of irrelevant options. Thrively plus Activity Rocket helps you create the ‘short’ list of activities in your area that will ignite passion in your children.

What Passion Will You Discover?

Betsy F.
Dec 12, 2017

My kids took the strength assessment which not only helped me understand my son's passion for math, but now I am getting great activities and content recommendations to better challenge him.

Dana R.
Jan 24, 2018

3 boys to keep track of with - a gamer and 2 athletes. Now there's one place where I stay on top of what they like and how they are doing.

Robin S.
Jan 14, 2018

My HS daughter loves web design. She's been exploring career paths and activities and is even more excited about pursuing this in college.

Jeannine S.
Jan 02, 2018

Single parenting is hard enough. I have been a huge fan of Activity Rocket for finding classes at the right time and in my budget. The Thrively recommendations have been spot on for my twins. I love that I continuously get access to content and new ideas for activities and enrichment they might like.

Jeff M.
Jan 20, 2018

New year and new resolution to get more in touch with my kids. Love having new positive traits to reinforce with my son. Turns out he's analytical, compassionate, and very in touch with issues of social justice. It has really opened up new dinner table conversations for our family.

Sharon C.
Jan 22, 2018

As a former teacher and parent, I am excited to recommend Thrively to my school. The more a classroom teacher understands their students the better able they are to educate our kids.