Advertise to Moms Eager to Hear From You

Never before has it been so easy to influence moms’ buying decisions. Research shows that most mothers spend frequent time online researching information related to their kids’ interests.  Activity Rocket has become a go-to resource for these active moms in the D.C. area—one they turn to regularly for new ideas, special offers and advice. When you advertise on our website, you will reach a highly engaged audience of affluent parents who are ready to buy as soon as the right offer comes their way.

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No More Wasting Marketing Dollars

Exactly how effective is advertising on Here are just a few of the many opportunities for getting your message in front of our purchase-ready parents:

  • Position banner ads on activity-specific search pages for maximum reach—a family restaurant on our cooking results page, for instance, or a coupon for jerseys and cleats next to our soccer listings.
  • Target emails by children’s ages, zip codes and other criteria
  • Analytic tools to measure the ROI on your marketing dollars
  • Custom communications options such as sponsored emails, Facebook content and blog posts.

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