Boosting Your Child’s Academic Performance

Boosting Your Child’s Academic Performance

I used to type my paper until my fingers and eyes become sore. Still, I always get a B or a C in my essay. I’m you also have your own stories regarding these kinds of rejections.  As parents, we’ve already gone through all the sweetness and bitterness in life. We experienced all the heart-wrenching rejections whether it is in relationships, friendship, career, or family. We tripped and dropped to the floor a couple of times before, but we always kept on standing back up and moving along. And at the end of it all, we come to realize that there was one thing: academic success is one of the top factors that’ll determine how our life will turn out. Another thing that comes to mind is that we don’t want our kids to experience the same pain and hardship that we did back in our days. But we want them to succeed all the same.

All those hardships and painstaking procedures are all part of growth. We know can’t really keep our kids from experiencing them, but we can, however, strengthen them to better face the roadblocks and obstacles through proper education.

Even so, putting kids in academic institutions isn’t enough. It’s all about pushing your kid’s academic potential up to the max. This goes beyond the walls of the school. It should start from home. Teach your kids habits that can help them succeed in their academic and career goals in the future.

Don’t just look for A’s

Encourage your children to do their best in everything that they do. Tell them to put their heart and soul in all aspects of their lives. Explain to them why doing your best doesn’t always mean being the best or getting an A, and that it’s okay.

What’s important is that they’re having the time of their life as they’re doing. It’s all about the experience. Make them love seeking knowledge. Make them curious.

The point of education is not to beating everybody else. Rather, it’s about unlocking the best person in you. A child who has the love for knowledge will be going places when he’s older because rather than fear criticism and failure, he’d be learning from it.

Fix the basics

Too much isn’t good for anyone. The same is true even in the case of good education. It’s a good practice to study lessons after school or during weekends, but don’t overdo it. Your kid might feel all smart about all the information he’s learned for the day, but all of it won’t matter if he’s brain is barely functioning.

Your child has to have enough nutrients and sleep in order to perform properly in whatever case whether it is play time or school time. Prepare a program to guide you in preconditioning your kids to do better in school.

Motivate your child                    

You can’t force your kid to love learning. You can’t force him to do well if he doesn’t want to, especially if he thinks school is a waste of time. The secret lies in getting him to think otherwise. Help him find the good in learning.

Taking education seriously is not only the right choice. It’s also the best choice kids can ever make. So, help them make this choice, not through rewards and punishment. Rather do it by showing him the joy of imparting knowledge with others.

This way, your child will foster an appetite for excellence in the future. He’ll be going through life wanting to give his best at everything for the sake of helping the other people.

Allow your child to fail

Don’t try to control your kid’s fate. If you see him making the wrong choice, then let him. Allow him to see the consequences of his own acts. Don’t maneuver your kid’s steering wheel. Do that, and you’ll only lead him to believe that he can’t do anything wrong. That’s the last thing your kid will ever need.

Rather, make him see that failure is a good thing.  Failure is an eye-opener that being down on your knees doesn’t mean that everything is all over. It only means that you did something wrong, and it’s time to set it right again. Failing to teach your child this lesson will lead him to become hopeless the first time he experiences failure, not having the strength get back to his feet again, and combat the external forces that are keeping him on the ground.

Practice discipline and respect at home

The amount of knowledge you have won’t matter if you don’t know how to control yourself. Discipline gets tougher as people age. This is the best time to inculcate discipline in your household because unless your child knows when to play and when to work, he’ll end up in the streets in a worst case scenario.

Another good point to consider is teaching your kids to respect older people and persons in charge. Just imagine you son or daughter walking towards their office some day without having to greet their boss good morning, or perhaps imagine them cursing at how their boss is running things at the office. We all know what happens after that. Things like this never fail to reach the boss, and once it does, you already know where the perpetrators will be headed.

Our superiors are one of the most basic factors that’ll get us the type of success that we want. That being sad, it’s of utmost importance that we know the proper way of dealing with them. Kids should already know at a young age that there are consequences to disrespecting superiors and that they should always show their superiors respect no matter what.

Praise and encourage your kids

Be your kid’s biggest fan.  I mean it. In order for kids to do well in school, and well, in everything, they have to believe in themselves. They have to believe that no matter what their report card says they are still valuable.

Find out what your kid is good at, and help him cultivate his skills and talents. More importantly, take a look at where your child is lagging behind, and then take a notice at every small accomplishment he makes. Make him feel that even if he’s not perfect, he has the capacity to make up for it.

Summing it all up, the world can be a dreadful place, but only for those who aren’t well-equipped with the knowledge, skills, and values they need to fight the road blocks. We can’t prevent our kids from experiencing the same hardships that we did back in our days, but we can help them, do better and excel better than we ever did. That’s by granting them all the necessary rooting and discipline that they need.


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