Customizing your Child’s Reading Nook with the Right Bookcases

Customizing your Child’s Reading Nook with the Right Bookcases

By home design and lifestyle expert Ronique Gibson who writes on childrens’ room decor for Home Depot.

We all love retreating into our own corner of the world and getting lost in a good book. Kids are no exception, and creating a reading nook that has the right storage, comfortable seating and a way for them to customize their space is essential. The right bookcase can transform their reading nook and will help keep their room organized at the same time.¬†Take a look at these easy ways to customize your child’s reading nook.

Selecting the right bookshelf for your child’s room

Depending on your child’s age and bedroom, size will have a big impact on how many books their room can comfortably hold. As a designer, many of my clients are trying to find ways to keep books off the floor, but still convenient for little independent hands.

The solution for larger playrooms is freestanding bookshelves that can organize books by size, leaving room for accessories and decorative items to fit alongside them. If your child’s room is smaller, look to wall-hung shelving that won’t take up valuable floor real estate. I love this bookshelf above from DCoopMedia as it has privacy areas behind cabinet doors, display sections, and a contemporary feel that suits any modern playroom or child’s room. Try to incorporate the design of the bookcase into the style of the room to create a welcoming destination for your child to want to read.

Comfortable seating is essential

Just like adults, children will want a cozy chair or sofa to sink down into when escaping into a book. Look for seating that fits with your child’s learning and relaxing habits. One of my clients has three young boys who love to read together, so we designed a window seat reading area for all to share. Many furniture manufacturers make smaller versions of adult furniture perfect for reading nooks, such as recliners. Love seats and even suspended chairs like this one are whimsical and look great in any room.

Create a reading nook that grows with your child

We all love small bookshelves and reading nooks for our little ones, but don’t forget that they’re going to grow up and their room should adapt with them. Bookshelves that adapt to your teenager include versatile shelving or built-ins that are perfect for larger size books and displaying decorative items. Built-in shelving is ideal, as it can be customized with lighting and electrical outlets for small electronics, as well as drawers and cabinets for private storage. This bookshelf incorporates a seating area and pillows just waiting for a teenager to enjoy their favorite book.

Built-in shelving is ideal for growing children to read and relax.

A reading nook for your child can be a personable and welcoming space, and choosing the right bookshelf and seating can customize the experience for your child. If your child is old enough, ask them what they would love to have in a reading nook. Take cues from your local children’s library or their favorite bookstore-they have tons of design ideas! From choosing the perfect size shelf for their room to finding seating that compliments their lifestyle, the secret to getting children to read can lie in creating a space they can’t wait to relax in everyday.

Ronique is the author of the ebook 111 Simple Tips for your Everyday Home, which includes advise on furniture. Ronique has a Bachelors of Architecture from Tuskegee University. You can wide selection of bookcases available at Home Depot by visiting the company’s website.


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