Fashion Design for All Ages

Fashion Design for All Ages

Fashion Design After Breakfast

‘The Creativity Crisis’, a 2011 study by Dr K H Kim, found that American creativity has been on the decline since the 1990s. Encouraging creative pursuits at home allows our kids to explore and develop their creative ideas while having fun and spending quality time with their siblings and parents. Young fashion designer Isabella Rose Taylor started designing clothes when she was just eight years old… perhaps you have a budding fashion designer under your roof too! Children are natural creators, and designing a T Shirt is a brilliant activity for allowing their creative skills to flourish.

Break Out The Fabric Pens

You can pick up cheap white T Shirts easily, and armed with a pack of fabric pens, your kids can draw their designs straight onto the front of the T Shirt. Encourage them to think about what they want to do before they put pen to fabric to avoid frustration!

Use Stencils

Print stencils onto card and use fabric paints to transfer the designs to a T Shirt. Older kids can even design their own stencils. Younger children can let their creativity loose by choosing colors and pairing different stencils together to tell stories in their designs.

Sponge Printing

Make 3D stencils using washing up sponges. Simply cut them into shapes and let your kids dip them in fabric paint to create their own designs. Let them pick the colors and make suggestions for shapes you cut to really let their creativity soar.

Hand Prints

This one’s great for younger children especially, and they’ll love getting their hands dirty. Pour fabric paint onto a tray and let them get stuck in, really taking T Shirt design into their own hands. They can even create pictures made out of handprints – hedgehogs and trees are a great way to start. Be careful to choose a non-toxic fabric paint that won’t stain their skin.

Design On Paper

Older children will enjoy designing a whole T Shirt on paper first. They can create pictures and patterns and draw inspiration from designs they already love or clothes they admire when you wear them. Once their design is complete, they can transfer their ideas to fabric with fabric pens or paint, or you can send their designs off to get their images professionally printed. Younger children’s pictures can be printed on T Shirts this way too.

Whatever approach you choose, your kids will love designing their own clothes and allowing their creative juices to flow. The satisfaction of wearing something they’ve designed themselves will encourage them to apply their creativity in other areas too.


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