Igniting Your Child’s Superpower: Volunteer

Igniting Your Child’s Superpower: Volunteer

It’s not invisibility and no, they won’t be able to fly. They may feel like they can though. When a student finds a meaningful volunteer opportunity, they feel like they can save the world. They can.

Everyone agrees that volunteer service is a good thing, and it is. Meaningful service occurs when the volunteer understands how they are helping, and the service relates to their interests. When kids can see how they are making a difference they feel  “able to leap tall buildings in a single bound”. Outfitted with a cape of self-confidence, they work hard and emerge as leaders.

Charity Connect of the DC Metro area has team members that meet individually with students to help them find or create their meaningful service opportunities. We establish relationships with our clients and the nonprofits they serve. We help students tap into their passions, interests, and concerns for social change. As facilitators, we accommodate our clients’ schedules and availability as well as those of the nonprofit. Charity Connect also works with schools planning service field trips and in-school projects where students connect with their impact and enjoy themselves.

Kids already have all the superpowers to be great volunteers. They are energetic, empathetic, responsible, and creative. They just need to be engaged. Charity Connect’s job is to create the opportunity and environment that will utilize all the strengths our kids have. Twelve year old superhero, Jordan, developed an online app-based support group for kids with celiac disease. Maya, a junior in high school, came to us this summer wanting to find her way to help. After being matched with So What Else, she has volunteered for double her service learning hour requirement and has just joined their student board.  Ella, who was nervous about doing her mitzvah project and REALLY nervous about the idea of talking about it at her Bat Mitzvah, collected five bins worth of donated items and led a group of 20 volunteers for Comfort Cases.

PS – She had no problem speaking loudly and proudly about her service.

Finding the “right fit” service opportunity does require some diligence. There is a lot of kryptonite out there in the form of busy schedules, transportation, and age limits for volunteering. Charity Connect and our awesome nonprofit partners provide the perfect phone booth for Clark Kent to become Superman.

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