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Activity Rocket - Kids' Classes, Camps & Sports. Booked Fast.

Finding the best classes, camps and athletic activities for kids used to be...well, even more draining than making it to the soccer game on time - through major gridlock - in the rain - with a screaming toddler in the back.

And all that doesn’t even compare to the time you spent finding the camp in the first place. An hour to search Google. Another two to scour all the different websites, compare pricing and find informative reviews. Then there was the 30-minute block of time needed to call each vendor and check schedules before (finally) sitting down to fill out lengthy registration forms for each child.

That was before Activity Rocket.

Now you can do all this and more in minutes, sometimes even seconds. While we can’t eliminate traffic on the way to the soccer field, or get your toddler to stop crying, Activity Rocket does make it easier than ever to navigate the wonderful world of kids enrichment activities.

Your area’s best sports, classes, camps and academic programs are all just a few clicks away. It’s the only resource you’ll ever need to plan your children’s schedules. And it’s 100% FREE to parents.

Now you can:

  • Search and book activities by tuition, children’s ages, locations, times and dates.
  • Compare classes side by side and see what other parents have to say about your top choices
  • "Favorite" providers and activities for later when you have more time, or register and pay right away
  • Easily coordinate with your children’s friends and their parents using our built-in sharing tools
  • Get that much-needed pedicure...you’ll finally have the time!

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How Activity Rocket Came to Be

Activity Rocket was created for moms by moms. Two friends with five young kids, to be specific. One of them, Lisa, was looking for an activity for her then three-year-old. Finding something—anything—to fill a specific time slot took three hours. At the same time, her friend, Ilene, was making travel plans with the help of online travel planner Expedia. She was done in five minutes. The light bulb went on and Activity Rocket was born. Now parents can find and book classes, camps, sports and other enrichment activities for their kids in a matter of minutes.


What Parents Are Saying

Betsy F.
May 09, 2014

Just wanted to send you a quick note—I got the newsletter yesterday and it made me think to do a camp search on your website!! I am so glad I did—I signed my 13 year old son for this amazing camp with Calleva and I would have never thought to check them out if not for your site—so thanks so much!!

Aviva G., Parent & Founder of the Six O'Clock Scramble
Oct 08, 2013

DC area friends, do you know about Activity Rocket? It's an awesome way to find and schedule all your kids' activities at once (for FREE!), created by the most wonderful local moms, and they just launched a new and improved version of their site. You'll love it! Check it out and share with your friends!

Kidfriendly DC
Oct 01, 2013

Activity Rocket just launched their new website! Now it's easier than ever to search for classes, camps, and sports for kids. Check it out!

Mandy L. My Gym (Potomac, Bethesda, Chantilly)
Aug 07, 2013

An Archaeology Camp for Children (Mont. Parks) summer camp for the exact week I needed it (using the date feature) and the age feature. I am excited about this bc I would have never found it on my own. And I think my 10 year old son will love it. From a satisfied vendor as well as a customer...!

Dana R. - Parent & Realtor
Jul 19, 2013

In the category of "Why Didn't I think of That..." I know many listserv postings have been sent looking for music teachers, toddler activities, etc., so I thought I'd I'd pass along this very cool site. It's called Activity Rocket (www.activityrocket.com) that helps local parents search, find, refine and schedule kid activities. I really, really like this site because it allows for searching among age, interest, zip code and even special needs. I have a special needs child and this type of detail helps me AND him. Hope this helps neighbors!

Adventure Theatre-MTC
Jul 01, 2013

Adventure Theatre has seen a strong growth in classes…we have seen a larger number of happier, more organized parents through doors.