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$80 OFF Dance Yogi Girlz Summer Camp


Dance Yoga is taking the entire cosmos by storm! Dance yoga is an innovative, creative, fun way for kids to learn and enjoy the ancient art form of Yoga! Through a decadent fusion of dance, music, rhythmic flow, balance, fluid body movement and art your child will transform. You'll see improvement in form, flexibility, awareness of breath, skill and focus. You'll also see her transform into a more motivated, confident, empowered yogi! In Dance Yogi Girlz we will use beautifully choreographed Vinyasa flows to perform a series of dance routines to a host of beautiful melodies. Each Dance Yogi Girl will absolutely sparkle as she learns and experiences a fun-filled musical adventure through mind, body and soul movement. Then on the last day of camp there will be a dynamic performance for family and friends!



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